Our Mission

Fimi Market Inc. is a technology company committed to leading the future of web3 in ways that champion equity, education, and access worldwide for women, BIPOC and other underserved groups.

We are passionate about making FinTech advancements accessible so that individuals can apply their skills in today's economy and we believe that the opportunities of Web3 should serve every race, gender and identity.

Our first product, Fimi NFT Marketplace, represents an intersection where art meets technology. NFTs occupy a unique digital class with tremendous potential to create value. However, historical lack of representation in the art and technology spaces have made it challenging for people of underrepresented identities to find a place of belonging.

The Fimi NFT Marketplace removes traditional gatekeepers and advocates for diverse representation. We believe that everyone has the right to participate: to create, collect, buy, sell and thrive.

For so many, this is more than just a marketplace, it’s an opportunity.

Fimi (“Fih-me”) is a Jamaican term that means “for me” and our marketplace is built for you.


Our Approach

Fimi NFT Marketplace's approach is to put artists, collectors, buyers and sellers first in all our efforts and decisions including education, technology, and communications.

We aim to help artists embrace the metaverse, connect with other artists and collectors to build a community.

We collaborate with technology and art schools to provide education on creating NFTs and embracing web3 opportunities in multiple countries.

The Fimi NFT Marketplace technology is multi-chain, providing artists, buyers and sellers flexibility. On Fimi NFT Marketplace, users can choose their preferred blockchain, artists can choose to defer minting costs until the time of sale, provide buyers with their choice of blockchain for transactions, and creators can set royalties terms to receive a percentage of every sale.

We support artists by assisting them in promoting their creations so they can focus on what they do best: creating incredible works of art.

No matter where you live or how you create or collect art, our goal is for you to see yourself and visualize your own success through Fimi NFT Marketplace.

Fimi NFT Marketplace is for you.

Our Marketplace Features

Multi-Chain Accessibility
  • Lightning-fast, multi-chain minting, buying and selling
  • Choose the network that best suits you!
Lata Minting
  • Defer minting gas fees until an item is purchased, and mint for free!
  • Creator can choose minting network or leave it up to the purchaser.
Low Fees
  • Fimi aims to provide some of the lowest service fees in the NFT marketplace space.
  • Get paid in FIMI token for even greater savings!
Creator Royalties
  • Receive a percentage of every NFT secondary sale on Fimi NFT marketplace.
  • EIP-2981 standard supported for EVM networks.
Exclusive Artists and Collections
  • Discover and collect exclusive content available only on Fimi NFT Marketplace.
  • Join a supportive, diverse community of creators from around the globe.

About The FIMI Utility Token

The FIMI utility token is native to the Fimi NFT Marketplace with a maximum locked lifetime supply of 32 million tokens. The FIMI utility token is housed on the Stellar Network for high-speed transactions with minimal environmental impact. Our token offers primary utility on the Fimi NFT Marketplace via gas-free transactions on the Stellar network, early access to exclusive drops, getting paid in FIMI rewards, featured content voting, and more.

The FIMI utility token is available on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) and Bitmart Exchanges.

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Meet Our Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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