FIMI Utility Token

A Utility Token Allows Users to Perform Actions on a Specific Network

The FIMI utility token is native to the Fimi NFT Marketplace with a maximum locked lifetime supply of 32 million tokens. The FIMI utility token is built on the Stellar Network for high-speed transactions with minimal environmental impact.

Transact Gas-Free on the
Stellar Network
  • Hold a minimum of $100 worth of FIMI and pay no network transaction fees to mint, buy or sell on the Stellar Network!
Reduced Fees When
Receiving Payment in FIMI
  • Sellers who receive FIMI as payment will receive 20% of the 2.25% service fee paid on those sales, returned to them in FIMI in a monthly airdrop.
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Early Access to
Exclusive Drops
  • Hold FIMI to get first dibs on Fimi NFT Marketplace exclusive content!
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Vote For Featured
  • Hold FIMI to participate in community voting for featured content!

Asked Questions

FIMI is a utility token designed for use on the Fimi Market NFT Platform, providing holders with free and lightning-fast minting. Users can pay for NFTs and get paid in FIMI. In addition, users who hold a FIMI balance will be able to vote for featured content and get access to exclusive content.

FIMI is on the Stellar Blockchain. During presale, FIMI is available on the Stellar Exchange (SDEX). It will be listed on additional exchange(s) after presale.

The total locked maximum lifetime supply of FIMI is 32 million.

Unlike some other DEXs, assets are not identified via contract address on the SDEX. To find FIMI, simply search for “FIMI” and verify the domain listed for the asset is (Fimi.Market).

Brawta is a Fimi exclusive benefit for token holders who purchased prior to presale ending (ended 6 Jan, 2021 00:00 UTC.)
Those who hold at least 80% of private/presale balance will receive a total of 20% more bonus FIMI of that original balance, which will be paid out in monthly airdrops over the course of one year. If balance held drops below 80%, but not below 70%, the bonus eligibility is reduced to 10%.
Brawta eligibility cannot be regained if your FIMI held ever falls below the required balance threshold.
The snapshot for Brawta payments will be taken on the 6th of each month at 00:00 UTC for 1 year, from 6 Feb 2022 until 6 Jan 2023. The payments will start at 00:00 UTC and continue until all accounts have received their payment.
Holders can contribute FIMI to AMM liquidity pools without losing Brawta eligibility. However, be advised that if upon withdrawal from the pool, FIMI balance is below the Brawta eligibility threshold, the benefit will be reduced or lost.

We will be listing on Bitmart on January 14, 2022. Over the course of our road mapped development, we will add addition listings.

Yes. The founders’ tokens will remain in a time locked claimable balance for one year. The tokens can only be claimed after November 8 2022 at 12AM UTC.

View the account sending the founders' tokens on the network explorer here

Anyone, at any time, may view the founders tokens. At Fimi, we believe in transparency and accountability.

All founder tokens add up to 3.125% of the total locked supply of FIMI tokens.

Funds raised from presale will be spent on platform development, exchange listings, marketing and communications, business development and operational expenses.

In order to pay users with FIMI, the Fimi Platform must buy from the open market, which contributes to liquidity.

Buy FIMI on a
Centralized Exchange

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Buy FIMI on the
Stellar DEX

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Make sure the home domain is ( when you add the FIMI trustline.

The platforms we recommend are:

image lobstr

Already have LOBSTR wallet set up? Use the in-wallet QR scanner to quickly add the FIMI trustline!